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Maison /mεzɔ̃/ is a highly customized control center of smart homes and also a light-weight solution for managing several household appliances. One configuration TOML file is all Maison need. To feed it with commands to appliances or states of devices using MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) from LoRa server or other MQTT sources, Maison will issue commands to certain devices and stores changes on states of devices in the database for monitoring in real time. ...

October 1, 2019 · Ethan

Optimizing Touchpad Performance on Linux

The serviceability of touchpad gestures on Windows™ is getting better and better since Windows 10 grows. The smoothness of gestures is greatly improved undoubtedly. In contrast, optimizing the experience of using touchpad on Linux with weak desktop environments is a problem that users who want to live as Linux users and also laptop users need to concern about 🤔. ...

March 10, 2019 · Ethan

Installing Vim with Plugin YouCompleteMe

The “Editor War” is a never-ending battle between Vim and Emacs. But it seems to me that once the editors are configured and put into daily production, they do pretty good for both Vim and Emacs diehards. The reason for this idea is that I had a painful experience with Vim. In particular, configuring YouCompleteMe, a plugin with a name that even sounds ambiguous, did its best to make me feel malicious. ...

September 1, 2018 · Ethan

Installing Gentoo Linux on Ryzen Mobile

The enthusiasm of Linux Kernel for supporting Ryzen mobile low-voltage CPU seems to match the popularity of the Ryzen laptops on the market. Although the Ryzen desktop CPU has been supported since Linux 4.11, the kernels whose version below 4.17 cannot perform normally on its mobile CPU. When I am writing this post (2018.07), the kernel version for most distributions is < 4.17 by default, so there are only several radical Linux distributions that can meet my demand, and Gentoo is one of them. ...

August 15, 2018 · Ethan

szsy-canteen-API README

This is an API based on the online ordering system owned by Shenzhen Experimental School. Developers can bypass the originally unnecessary but unavoidable value-passing codes, free themselves from the complicated and incomprehensible logic, and conduct online ordering interaction through the more simplistic interfaces of the packaged szsy-canteen API. ...

July 20, 2018 · Ethan

Building SSH for Development on Windows Subsystem for Linux

It seems that Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is getting much more mature than the time when it first came out. Fewer and fewer people keep questioning its fitness for daily development. Tuning WSL to be a neat developing environment and how to SSH into WSL the topic I am going to share with. ...

June 10, 2018 · Ethan