Optimizing Touchpad Performance on Linux

The serviceability of touchpad gestures on Windows™ is getting better and better since Windows 10 grows. The smoothness of gestures is greatly improved undoubtedly. In contrast, optimizing the experience of using touchpad on Linux with weak desktop environments is a problem that users who want to live as Linux users and also laptop users need to concern about 🤔.

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安装 Vim 与配置 YouCompleteMe 插件

「编辑器战争」(Editor War) 虽说是一场 Vim 与 Emacs 两派无休止的论战。但在我看来,只要完成了编辑器的配置并将其投入了日常生产,不论 Vim 还是 Emacs 的死忠粉,都是值得尊敬的。产生这一想法的原因是我刚刚在 Vim 上做了一次痛苦的尝试。特别是 YouCompleteMe 这个名字连听起来都些许暧昧的插件,更是竭尽全力地让我感受到了它的恶意。

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